The Build

Initial preparations are made for the construction of the primary and secondary components of the Spacelab.  The Development and Verification Plan (DVP) is implemented and utilized to define the test program and analyses required to certify the redesign and the unobserved variables of the SpaceLab.  The DVP criteria focus on loads, environments, performance, potential redundancy, margins of comprehension and verification philosophy.


The primary manufacturing bay is prepared and analyzed for accuracy in accordance with the SpaceLab Optical Field Specifications (as stated in the Preliminary Design Review Plan dated 11.01.09).


The final design was approved at the Critical Design Review (11.22.09).  Construction begins in the underbelly of the cargo bay (free of the Orbiter).

(above) Dr. Haggard and Dr. Woolley installing the Quiet Brace in the Deduction Module.

(below) Dr. Leverock and Dr. Woolley construct the Long Module.  Dr. Haggard working to augment the surface preparation of the inside perimeter of the primary concept module.

The aft sections of the Long and Short Modules awaiting reaction controls.

the interior as well as the exterior displacement shield is nearly complete.

it will happen.